The LCP Institutional Difference

We Monitor Risk​

Through a strong investment discipline, we believe in compounding our clients dollars without the intrusion of excessive risk. We aim to limit loss of capital through various methods such as:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Tactical Rebalancing
It’s a Net of Fee Game​
Do you know your net of fee return? When tracking returns many people only look at the total performance, not the performance net of fees (the number that truly matters).

When we track portfolios we want to know what your dollars really earned; dollars in your pocket.

Real returns, net of fees. That is what we track.

Leverage Our Relationships
We leverage our relationships for our clients to get them in the best possible investments available through:
  • Lower Strategy Minimums
  • More Cost Effective Solutions
  • Accessibility to Closed Strategies
  • Cultivating New Opportunities and Unique Investments

Our relationships are your relationships.

Harness our Global Network​
The way people view the world varies greatly from country to country. By meeting with many different managers and clients from all over the world, we gain a unique perspective on the markets that is hard to replicate.
When you work with our team, you too, can harness our global network and gain unique insights that might otherwise go overlooked.

Our Services